Photographic Works

The Rock, 1995, Serigraph on 12 felt panels with 2 felt text panels, 100 1/2 x 89 1/2 inches overall.

Installation I, II

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Female Trouble: Divine has just left home after
an argument over a Christmas gift, and
storms out of the hosue. She is picked up on the
highway by an auto-mechanic (played by
Divine). They approach a wooden area and have
frantic sez on a mattress, by the side of the

Driving all day long, has induced a hypnotic
state upon both of us. It is definitely time to pull
over. I recognize the state park that we are now
in the middle of, and can endure a few more
minutes of this drive in order to find the same
spot I went to last time I was here. Hoping that
this search will not turn into another journey,
since I didn't make any mental notes of the sur-
roundings during my last visit, I'm ill prepared,
and not really wanting to appear too familiar
with the area. I make an effort this time to
commit this trip to memory. But here we are,
sick of driving. We get out of the car and start to
hike to find a spot and it will probably replace
the last one, completely. Haven't seen any week-
end hikers for a while and since we are miles
away from any rest stops it seems plausible that
we will not be patrolled. I asked,
"How's this?""Is it secluded enough for you?"