Photographic Works

The Park, 1995, Serigraph on 6 felt panels with 2 text panels 67 x 67 1/2 inches overall.


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Just unpacked a new shiny silver
telescope. And we are up high enough for
a really good view of all the buildings
and the park. The living room window
seems to be the best spot for it.
On the sidewalk below a man watches
figures from across the path.

It is early evening, the lone sociologist walks
through the park, to observe private acts
in the men's public bathrooms. These facilities
are men's and women's rooms back to back.
He focuses on the layout of the men's
bathroom-- right to left: basin, urinal, urinal,
urinal, stall, stall. He decides to adopt
the role of voyeur and look out in order to go
unnoticed and noticed at the same time.
His research takes several years. He names his
subjects A, B, C, X, Y, and O, records their
activities for now, and their license plates when
applicable for later.